Primetime Previews

RINGER: Primetime Preview

Ringer falls into the category of shows that I was looking forward to based on the actors more-so than the actual story. I’m a huge fan of both Ioan Gruffudd and Nestor Carbonell, and enjoyed and recognized the appeal of Sarah Michelle Gellar. The show claimed a spot on my list of fall shows largely because of my attraction to those involved, even though the premise was interesting enough on its own to warrant a spot on my fall schedule.

Did I enjoy myself during the pilot? Very much so. I didn’t go into Ringer expecting something sophisticated and complex, rather, I saw it for what it was – a fun hour with actors I enjoy. I liked seeing Gellar take on two personalities (ones that were so emotionally different from each other) and watching Carbonell in a role that a far cry from ageless Richard Alpert was also a nice bonus – as was the fact Gruffudd got to use almost his own accent (hey, I’ll take an accent any day.) The story drew me in enough to intrigue me – a nice mix of mystery, but not so over-the-top that it rivals the likes of Fringe or LOST. There’s certainly enough interwoven story lines to keep me interested, and if the actors can really flesh out their characters and relationships with each other, I think there’s definite potential for the show to really take off.

Ringer did what all good pilots should do – it intrigued me enough to want more. It may very well end up being this year’s guilty pleasure show – and that’s not a bad thing! The Vampire Diaries began as my guilty pleasure show two years ago, and now takes the spot as one of my top favorites. I have a feeling that even if the story becomes tepid and critics don’t take to it, Ringer will succeed – if nothing else because of the hardcore fan base brought in by Gellar, and the fact it’s found its home on a teen-heavy network. I remember specifically when the show was being shopped around during Upfronts and was poised to land on CBS. The decision to put it on The CW line-up was probably the best thing they could have done, and if last year’s Nikita is any indication, there’s good odds the network will give Ringer a chance to flourish – whereas others might be more prone to cutting the cord once (and if) ratings drop.

Ringer airs Tuesday, 9/8c on The CW.

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