Primetime Previews

PERSON OF INTEREST: Primetime Preview

Person of Interest was one of the most well-received pilots of the season, and it’s not hard to see why. Aside from its intriguing premise, this procedural drama is centered on the talents of Emmy Award winner Michael Emerson and the bold Jim Caviezel as a pair of unlikely companions who team up to stop crimes before they happen. Emerson’s Finch has a wildly advanced technological machine that allows him to figure out who is about to commit the crime or get hurt, while Caviezel’s Reese (an ex-CIA agent presumed dead) has the capacity to act on these hunches.

The premiere does a nice job of setting up the mysteries and characters of the show, and as a LOST fan, I enjoyed watching Emerson on screen again (although it admittedly took a lot for me to not see him as Ben Linus.) The series has boldly fought its way into the coveted Thursday 9pm time slot, an obvious move for CBS that clearly shows they are banking on this to be their new “buzz” drama. And I think it very well could be. The cast is enticing, the mysteries are interesting, and it has the pedigree of J.J. Abrams behind it – which means that there will always be twists and turns at every corner. It may take its time to find a more defined audience, but aside from the LOST fans or people simply wanting to check out Jim Caviezel in a television role, it’s certainly a top show for this season – at least, in my opinion.

Person of Interest airs Thursday, 9/8c on CBS.

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