Comic Con 2011

ONCE UPON A TIME: Lana Parrilla & Robert Carlyle Video Interview


Sitting down in the Once Upon A Time press room to talk with actors Lana Parilla and Robert Carlyle was an experience far removed from what might happen if we approached the two in Storybrooke. Both could not have been more pleasant to talk to, and spoke at length about their experience so far in bringing their characters to life.

“I like when you can learn from characters, when they can challenge you to discover more about yourself,” said Parrilla. When asked if it’s a challenge to play characters that are so iconic in a fairy tale way, Parrilla was confident in her answer. “I think we all did our homework in reading the stories, and now we just do what we do best, which is humanize all these characters and bring honest truth to them. There is a foundation in the show, but I feel like our stories are so much more evolved. Snow White is a bad-ass!”

Watch the video below for more with Lana Parrilla and Robert Carlyle as they talk about re-inventing classic fairytale characters and explain how they would describe the show to viewers.

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