Comic Con 2011

NIKITA: Shane West, Maggie Q & Albert Kim Video Interviews

There’s no question that in its second season, The CW’s Nikita is hotter than ever – and the fan reception at this year’s New York Comic Con proved it. Opening with a sizzle reel that showed various highlights from the first season and new clips from the second season, the hour long panel (moderated by IGN’s Eric Goldman) touched on everything from conflicts between Amanda and Percy, to what we might see for the rest of the season, to all those amazing stunts (99% of which are actually done by Maggie and Shane.)

While fielding the usual “marry me” fan questions during the Q&A session, the two biggest nuggets of information centered on the reveal of Nikita’s father and of course, the Michael/Nikita relationship. Will we be seeing Daddy Nikita anytime soon? Who is this mysterious person being introduced, and why may they cause an interesting “kink” between our favorite couple? While there wasn’t exactly a concrete answer to either of these questions (some things have to remain a surprise!), the stars’ mum nature led us to believe that we could be seeing this season heat up even more than it already has.

In a press meeting following the panel, I had a chance to sit down with Maggie Q, Shane West and producer Albert Kim as they spoke at length about their thoughts on the show, their storylines and what they hope to see for the rest of the second season. In fact, we got so much intel that we almost didn’t know what to do with ourselves!

Shane West, Maggie Q & Producer Albert Kim – NYCC 2011

Shane West – NYCC 2011

“As an actor, so much happened in clearing up everything that was going on with Michael in one year, that there’s not that much unless they start making stuff up along the way that could also have happened to him,” Shane West explained when asked how his character has evolved from last year. “He ended the year with ‘I am with Nikita’ so I’m going to be comfortable…unless it’s about a mission where I feel she’s in trouble or things change, he’s gonna be a lot more comfortable than he was last year.”

And speaking of Nikita, how does Maggie Q feel about the “Mikita” relationship and all the changes that have taken place since season one? “I’m very close to Shane, which is nice…and so we’re comfortable with each other. Things will come out in scenes that are really nice, and that doesn’t always happen. When you’re comfortable, you just flower.”

Check out more exclusive interviews with Q, West and producer Albert Kim as they chat about the new season in the video clips below!

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