CHUCK: Our Top 5 Episodes

Chuck Versus The Goodbye: the words (and the title of the January 27 series finale) are a cruel reminder of the impending hour that will send our favorite CIA spy team off the air and into television history. And while the cast themselves have been sharing their sadness over Twitter, I’m personally trying not to think about how emotions I’ll deal with are probably ones I haven’t felt since the LOST finale.

Between its original stories, loveable characters and incredibly dedicated fan base, Chuck was a show that truly cemented itself as one of the most creative of all time. There was no one out there that couldn’t relate to loveable Chuck, best friend Morgan, hard-nosed Casey and kick-ass Sarah – as well as a colorful host of likeable characters that included Awesome, Ellie, Lester, Jeff and Big Mike. In our preparation to say goodbye to Chuck Bartowski and the crew, we thought we’d take the time to reflect upon what we feel have been some of the strongest – and most fun – episodes of the series.

1.01  Chuck Versus The Intersect

ChuckSeries Premiere

The Pilot episode introduced us to our pivotal cast, showed us exactly how the Intersect got into Chuck’s head in the first place and told us how Sarah and Chuck first met. It also included one of the best character entrances of the series with John Casey showing up ready for action (and his guns, of course.) But it’s the first scene of the series remains one of the best: Chuck and Morgan trying to escape from Chuck’s house while Ellie comes in to yell at them for not being social at Chuck’s own birthday. It was this scene that made me fall in love with both characters, and with the nature of the show.

1.09 Chuck Versus The Imported Hard Salami


Though early in the series, this episode really defined the Chuck/Sarah relationship – from Chuck trying to date Lou, to Casey calling Sarah out on her feelings, right down to the kiss that was shared in what Chuck and Sarah believed to be their final moment before the bomb explosion. Plus, the return of Bryce – whether or not you saw it coming – was a fun and surprising twist.

2.11 Chuck Versus The Santa Claus

ChuckSantaClausYou had the hostage crisis. You Chuck standing up for his family and friends, because of course that’s what was most important to him. You had all the essential characters playing a part in saving the Buy More (Big Mike, Morgan, Lester and Jeff’s hostage take-down will forever be one of the highlights of this episode.) You had the emotional conflict of Chuck and Sarah, when Chuck realized Sarah lied to him about what really happened to the Fulcrum agent. This was just one of those episodes I loved that managed to showcase everything that made Chuck, well…Chuck.

3.14 Chuck Versus The Honeymooners

1000px-314ChuckHoneymoonerThe first half of this episode was like a gift to everyone who ever wanted Chuck and Sarah to end up together – and getting to see them as normal in-love couple (especially after a string of episodes that set up a not-so-fun love triangle with Shaw) was exciting and wonderful. While Chuck and Sarah eventually returned to their CIA lives, this episode provided fans with a great mix of happy moments, as well as some kick-ass spy work that proved our favorite couple does some pretty good work as boyfriend and girlfriend.

4.09 Chuck Versus Phase Three


There was a lot I loved about this episode, including Ellie and Devon finding Stephen Bartowski’s computer (and getting it to work at the last second) as well as the inclusion of the Buy More staff being brought in to work on it. But mostly, I had to throw this one in here given my love for the character of Sarah Walker (the giant blonde she-male!) and my love for the Chuck and Sarah relationship. And yes, I cried at the end when Sarah begged Chuck to wake up and come back to her, because it was in that moment that I truly felt the culmination of everything I loved about their relationship. Also, come on – how could you not enjoy watching what is arguably one of the most kick-ass fight scenes in all of Chuck history? (Even Yvonne thinks so!)

4.24 Chuck Versus The Cliffhanger


The action packed fourth season finale – what could have very well been the series finale if fans hadn’t rallied NBC to a fifth season – was explosive and exciting. We knew that there was little chance of Sarah actually dying, but I don’t think anyone will forget the fear and worry while watching Chuck race to save her life. I’m not sure what I loved more about this episode – the standoff between Decker and Chuck where Chuck ultimately becomes backed by his family and friends or the actual wedding in the church.

With so many Chuck fans and almost 100 episodes, everyone is bound to have different favorites, or different reasons as to what’s in their “Top 5.” I certainly don’t lay claim to my opinions being the best – to say I had a hard time picking the ones I did would be an understatement.

So…sound off! I’d love to hear your thoughts…what were your favorite episodes of the series? What character moment made you cry or laugh the most? How much will you miss this Awesome (see what I did there?) show?

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