NIKITA, PARKS & RECREATION, FRINGE: What Bubble Shows Do You Want Saved?

Upfront season is just around the corner, and I always think of this time as a double edged sword. As much as I love all the excitement and hype of seeing what new shows get picked up (and what favorite actors are returning to my screen), I hate the nervousness of worrying about my favorite show(s) being cancelled.

So, in the spirit of being positive, here are just a few of the “bubble” shows that I love and am rooting for renewals of.

Nikita: Really, the best show that everyone should be watching that it seems almost no one watches. I admit that it took me almost a full season to get to the point where I was invested, but now that I’m on board, I don’t ever want to get off. Nikita is not your typical action show – there’s so much layered story that allows you to get into the plot and relationships, you don’t even focus on the big explosions and stunts. Plus, do I even have to mention Maggie Q in tight outfits, as well as Shane West’s gun slinging abilities and the two’s subsequent amazing chemistry?

Fringe: If you’re reading this and you know me personally, you don’t have to wonder what my feelings on this show are. One of my absolute favorites on the air right now, and I would be absolutely devastated if it was cancelled without a true ending. Yes, the creators were aware of their bubble status and shot two finales, which could both tie up the series and open new doors should a fifth season be granted…but I want the stories that I’ve invested myself in to really be resolved, and for the characters I care about to go out in a good way. I would be content with the shortened fifth (and final) season that’s been rumored as I think the series – as well as the dedication fans – deserves that.

Community: Given the massive outcry over the abrupt hiatus, the popularity of the show itself and the fan movement that has taken over social media, I’m about 80% certain that Community is safe at this point. However, I’ve learned never to rest on my laurels where renewals are concerned and until NBC comes out with an official announcement, I remain cautious. I would be sad if the fourth season was the last for the Greendale group, but happy knowing that the series was given a chance to wrap up its stories and give us one last block of zany episodes.

Parks & Recreation: Parks for me is sort of in the same boat as Community – I have a general feeling it will be renewed despite its ratings, however, I’m not letting go of my nerves until NBC makes an official announcement. It seems that NBC comedies in general just can’t seem to garner substantial ratings, but critical darling Parks is consistently on the ball and it would be a shame to lose them before their time.

Alcatraz: Like most procedural shows with a mythological twist, Alcatraz took a while to find its footing – but once it did, it steadied itself on a path that, if given the chance, could turn into something very awesome. I admire a series that sets up an ambitious amount of mythology and after the finale, I was left feeling really energized about what was to hopefully come. Give shows a chance to find their groove!

Cougar Town: Personally, I just don’t see how anyone couldn’t NOT want to hang with Jules Cobb on the cul-de-sac all the time. There’s wine! There’s snarky conversation! There’s amazing female friendships and character development! Sadly, I have a feeling I’ll need a lot of wine to drown my pain of this show being cancelled…but I’m holding out hope that I’m wrong.

Awake: I loved this show from the moment I first saw the Pilot, and then became immediately wary because I had a feeling it wouldn’t fare well. My suspicions were all but confirmed with the critics reactions (which were overwhelmingly positive) and the audience ratings (dangerously low), but I’m hoping NBC realizes its potential and gives it a chance for next year – after all, the cast is one of the strongest on television and it would be a shame to lose them. I mean, let’s face it. LOST wasn’t built in a day. Neither was The X-Files.

30 Rock: Rumors have swirled that next season will be the last for the TJS, which may not be a bad thing – for all its acclaim and awards, 30 Rock lasted longer than anyone would have expected which is a feat in this day and age of constant cancellations. And we need a final season in order to prepare our goodbyes for Liz Lemon (I’ll take a block of cheese and a hoodie, thanks.)

What shows  are you hoping to see renewed? Sound off below!

2 thoughts on “NIKITA, PARKS & RECREATION, FRINGE: What Bubble Shows Do You Want Saved?

  1. I totally agree about Nikita and Fringe. I’ve given them much praise on my own blog and I’ll continue to until they cease being fantastic, which won’t be anytime soon!

    I really liked Awake as well but it’s never going to get renewed with those ratings. It’s a shame because the show has potential but the audience figures are frankly in the toilet.

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