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REVOLUTION: EP Eric Kripke Spills His Secrets

For those of you who hate unanswered questions in a large, mythological television series, fear not – Eric Kripke understands, and he doesn’t intend on playing with his audience any more than he has to. “We’re talking dangerously about revealing the secret of why the lights went out before the end of the first season,” the series creator admitted on a press call earlier today. “The longer you drag out an answer, the more pressure there is that it’s is the greatest answer in the history of man. I prefer that we answer questions quickly and we answer questions to a bigger room, and we’ve designed a mythology where even if we do answer the question of what caused the blackout, it leads to a bigger mystery.” And do those bigger mysteries include character relationships that have already been hinted at, such as a connection between Rachel and Miles? “We’ll reveal the storyline between Rachel and Miles to Charlie in season one,” Kripke confirms. “And we’ll learn more about Miles’ relationship with General Monroe, and his hand in forming the Milita.”

But first things first – Monday’s upcoming episode, “The Train Job,” continues to kick the story forward in a big way as we’ll meet Grey’s Anatomy’s Kim Raver who guest stars as the wife of big bad Captain Neville (Giancarlo Esposito.) “The blackout was such a transformative experience for so many people, and who they were in the old world has nothing to do with who they are now. We were always interested in exploring the transformation of Captain Neville and what made him into the violent psychopath he is today,” explains Kripke. “Right now, we’re planting Kim and we’re going to meet her in the present day…and then explore her character down the line, and see how a submissive woman transformed into Lady Macbeth.”

What else did Kripke have to say about NBC’s hottest show? Take a look below for more on where the show is headed and what’s in store for some of our favorite mysterious characters.

What Happened to Grace? And Who Is Randall?

We haven’t heard much from Grace’s since her kidnapping, but Kripke advises us that it’s for a reason. “We’ll continue to explore and expand on that mythology, and we’ll see Grace again in episode seven,” he reveals. “We’ll also see who Randall is and we’ll get to learn more about him. Right now, we’re really just dropping breadcrumbs because Grace and Randall play a huge part in the show later down the line.”

What’s The Deal With Rachel?

Elizabeth Mitchell fans who have been complaining about “not enough Rachel” can rest assured that we’ll see much, much more of the actress going forward. “We’re so smitten with what Elizabeth is doing with the character, and we’re just writing more and more for her,” Kripke says excitedly. While he was hesitant to reveal too much about one of the show’s more mysterious players, he did confirm that “Rachel is obviously holding onto certain secrets of why the power went out, and Monday’s episode will reveal more about what she knows.” And as suspected, “everything changes when Danny arrives in Philadelphia. General Monroe has Rachel where he wants her, so he’s able to twist her arm and force her to reveal things…but of course, she’s smart and heroic and desperately searching for a way out.”

Just How Long Will We Be Chasing Danny?

Look for episode ten (most likely airing right before the winter hiatus) to essentially close the book on that storyline, as the crew finally catches up to Charlie’s abducted brother. “It was never the intention to keep [the Danny storyline] going forever,” Kripke confirms. “It was only a way to bring the audience into the world and introduce them to a bigger story.” Episode ten also includes a long-overdue confrontation between Miles and Monroe – any guesses on what other bombshell moments we might see?

Did We REALLY Have To Kill Maggie?

“Anna Lise [Phillips] is a wonderful actress and I loved that character…but I sort of have a bad habit of killing off the people that I love,” Kripke admits with a laugh. “What it really came down to – and we decided internally very early on that this was really important – was that we wanted to establish real stakes, and how truly dangerous it is out there. And we very quickly realized that the scariest thing to do was to kill the doctor among them. It was purely a creative decision, because as we move forward in the series, we wanted the audience to understand that no one is safe – especially the main characters.”

What are you most excited about seeing in Monday’s episode? Sound off below! And tune in Monday nights at 10pm to watch Revolution live and see all the action for yourself.

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