Comic Con 2012

ARROW: Katie Cassidy Video Interview

Sitting down to talk to reporters at 10am on a Sunday morning might not be most actresses’ cup of tea, but Arrow’s Katie Cassidy was both bubbly and excited when she talked with us at New York Comic Con – and even more energized when discussing her character of Laurel Lance.

“She’s grounded, down to earth and extremely strong in my opinion. I mean, you have Oliver, who was the love of her life and disappeared 5 years prior because he had a love affair with her sister…she does love him, but she knows she’s always going to get hurt. It’s like a drug,” says Cassidy of her complicated relationship with the series’ star. Will we be seeing any of that play out as the series continues?  In a word: absolutely.

“In the next couple of episodes you’ll get a sense of history between the two,” Cassidy shares. “And you’ll understand that they had a very serious relationship before all of this went down.”

For more, watch the video interview below!

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