Comic Con 2012

ARROW: Willa Holland Video Interview

Life’s not exactly easy for Arrow’s Thea Queen – but Willa Holland doesn’t see her character as all that bad. “We’re still figuring out some levels to her – but I like to think I’ve got a good grasp on my girl,” Holland laughed when we sat down with her at New York Comic Con. “Thea grew up very wealthy and I like to think she was a bookworm, very smart and growing up in a billionaire mansion but pushing forward in her life. And then everything that happens with her father and Oliver…and she tries to kind of put herself into Oliver’s shoes, but not necessarily in the best way possible.”

While Holland notes that Thea’s just trying to find her own in a “world of resentment,” she’s excited about how her character will evolve as the series moves forward. “I feel like we’re all still working on her a little bit, because she’s got a lot of work to do,” she shares. If the pilot was any indication, it seems like Thea’s got quite a road ahead of her – and we’re definitely along for the ride.

Watch the video below for more!

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