Comic Con 2012

NIKITA: Aaron Stanford Video Interview

Nikita’s Aaron Stanford stepped up to the plate last season in more ways than one, becoming not only a vital member of the team but also a fan favorite – and the actor doesn’t take that for granted. “I’m just really happy that he was expanded as much as they did in season two, because I think he was an interesting character in season one but he really was limited. And in the second season, they really threw it open for him. There was a lot of great character development. And I always love when I’m away from the computer screen and away from the exposition.”

With Birkhoff heading back into Division, where will that put us when we pick up in the premiere? The actor acknowledges that there are definitely “emotional or psychological issues” that come with Birkhoff returning to Division, adding that “this is not your father’s Division. This is the new Division, and the rules are different. It’s very egalitarian and everyone is essentially a free agent. It’s a military situation, so people are gong to have to stop following the chain of command and it’s going to be a giant power struggle.”

Watch the video below for more!

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