Comic Con 2012

NIKITA: Melinda Clarke Video Interview

Move over, Percy – there’s a new Big Bad in town! “She [Amanda] is off her meds now!” Melinda Clarke teases. “Last season we really did peel back the layers and show she really was a human, but at least we saw some empathy and maybe some real feelings and attachment to Alex and their past relationship. This season, we’re going to see a much less sympathetic Amanda.”

Crediting the show as somewhat of a “survivor game,” Clarke is bubbly and open when talking about Amanda’s involvement in season 3 – and she almost makes you forget that she plays such an evil character until she starts talking about Amanda’s revenge plans.

“Don’t forget, Percy stayed alive because Amanda kept him alive – because I think she ultimately always saw them as this power couple that could take on the world,” Clarke shares. “And it’s one thing if I kill Percy – but Nikita killing Percy? People are going to pay. I really hope we address how she feels about that.”

Hear more from Melinda in the video below!

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