Comic Con 2012

NIKITA: Lyndsy Fonseca Video Interview

Everyone on the Nikita team is taking on a new role this season, and Lyndsy Fonesca is excited to explore the way Alex will adapt to the new Division. “I think she’s going to start off very team-based, but I think what’s different is that Alex is so in the public eye that there’s not a lot of training she can do,” Fonseca says. “All of these people, though, who are her only family, they’re working to do something great and that’s probably going to be the healthiest thing for her.”

Alex could certainly use some healthy guidance, as she went through the emotional and physical ringer last season. So what would Fonseca like to see her character do this season?

“Last season, she was less in Nikita’s shadow and more on her own terms and figuring out what she wanted to do, whether it was good or bad. I think that season three is going to challenge that.”

Watch the video for more!

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