Comic Con 2012

NIKITA: Maggie Q Video Interview

When we last left our Nikita crew, Percy had been eliminated, Amanda was now the “Big Bad” and Nikita, Michael, Birkhoff and Alex were in charge of a completely new Division. So how is that going to affect our characters? “I think the third season is going to be just like the first and second season – completely different,” shared leading lady Maggie Q. “We’ve got this whole new dynamic of Nikita heading Division with Ryan, and the team being together, but in this house of a government agency.”

And just how are those specific changes going to affect Nikita herself, now that she’s almost come full circle on her journey? “We’re going to have a honeymoon period in the beginning, I think, where she’s all ‘no one is looking over my shoulder anymore’…but at the same time, Nikita’s got a boss now. And she’s used to being her own boss. So I think that may become an issue.”

Of course, Q wouldn’t share exactly who or what would become an issue, but she did let it slip that the season would start off with “something you’d never expect to happen in the first episode – which in true Craig [Silverstein] style is the way they do things.” So we’re talking about a “Mikita” wedding right? “No weddings, no babies! Unless someone elopes in a cool way,” Q confirms with a laugh.

Watch the video below to hear more about where we can find Nikita in the third season, and tune in for the premiere!

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