Comic Con 2012

HAVEN: Emily Rose & Eric Balfour Video Interview

They may be conflicted once a week on your TV screens, but the stars of Haven were all smiles when they sat down to discuss their troubled characters recently in New York.

“We find out a lot this season and the inner workings of The Guards,” Emily Rose shares – which is about all we could get out of the actress. Don’t be too alarmed, though – the actors are kept in the dark almost as much as the fans are. “We know nothing, ever!” Rose laughs. “We try to find things out but that’s one of the beautiful mysteries of television. It’s sort of this unfolding Pandora’s box. But that’s been a good thing for the character of Audrey, because she doesn’t know anything…and anything that she does know ends up getting ripped out from underneath her at any time.”

For Eric Balfour, whose character has undergone some of the most intense changes of the series, he sees the third season as a chance to have more fun with a character that he loves to play. “I don’t know that I saw how good the writers were at creating this world with its conflicts and its dichotomies,” Balfour admits. “And I’m realizing how much more sophisticated it is, and how much deeper it goes and part of it, I like to think, has to do with us as actors. But I think Duke is given this power…this curse, this gift –  it’s all these things, and as an actor, it’s fun to play off of this.”

What else is coming up this season for Audrey and Duke? Watch the video below for more!

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