Comic Con 2012

HAVEN: Lucas Bryant & Adam Copeland Video Interview

While Haven stars Eric Balfour and Emily Rose were mum when it came to talking about The Guards, their co-stars Adam Copeland and Lucas Bryant were a little more loose-lipped with details.

“A lot of questions get answered this year,” shares Bryant. “What I really enjoy about this season is that a lot of knots get tied, but there’s also a whole other bunch of strings hanging. But questions will definitely be answered about The Guard.”

As for Nathan’s relationship with Audrey? “I’d like their love to deepen, but I don’t necessarily want them to become a romantic couple, because I don’t know where that would go,” says Bryant. What I really like about their relationship is that underneath it all, there’s real friendship and respect for each other as friends. The fact that she brought so much out of him…she really changed him, and I hope he’s done the same for her. And I want to see that continue.”

For more from Bryant and Copeland, including Copeland’s thoughts about newcomer Jordan (Kate Kelton), watch the video below!

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