This weeks episode of The Walking Dead “Walk With Me” opened much like the premiere with an eerie silence followed by the sound of a helicopter that quickly had engine trouble and went down. Where did it come from? That question reads across Michonne and Andrea’s faces as they stare in that direction and silently decide to head for the crash. Andrea’s vomiting begged the question of, does Andrea have the virus? Or was that merely the reaction to seeing a man cut in half? At this point one would think they were all desensitized to such things.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome The Governor (David Morrissey.) Quite an introduction. From the minute he steps out of his vehicle, The Governor oozes authority and a dash of sex appeal. The way he spits out orders in a calm authoritative voice and the way his minions follow without hesitation makes the viewer instantly know who is in charge. He even takes the killing of the dead men who turn into his own hands. Is he good or evil? One can hardly tell. He is much like Satin in that he appears to have good intentions, but there is a hint of something darker lurking beneath it.

Who else heard Merle’s voice and had a jaw dropping moment of “he’s alive!?” While many of us already knew that Merle was going to be coming back into the picture, his surprise appearance with a gun leveled at Michonne and Andrea with a knife lashed to his now metallic arm was definitely a fitting re-introduction. With his place in The Governor’s band of merry followers clearly stated when they show Andrea and Michonne around, it begs the question of has he given up on finding Daryl? Clearly, he thinks he is dead from the questions he leveled at Andrea.

(For the record, the weapons of choice for the zombie apocalypse are katana swords, cross bows and a bow and arrows. Silent, but deadly.)

A thing of interest is Michonne’s quiet anger throughout the episode. She can clearly see, as we all can, that Andrea is eating out of The Governor’s hand. Who, exactly, were her zombie pets? She is clearly emotional over their demise. On another note, what were The Governor, Merle and Milton doing in that room with said pets? There is definitely something afoot and Michonne seems to be the only one not giving in to the BS.

The Governor: what does he really want? Is he simply trying to form a community of survivors? Does he remind anyone else of a slightly more attractive Liam Neeson? He is the definitive cult leader. He makes people feel safe, cared for and like they have a purpose, but you can sense the shady underbelly even before he goes and in the pivotal gasp-inducing moment of the episode, he murders what could be the last remaining military presence. Who is this guy? How did he gain so much power? His one line and what does that buy us? More question is basically the theme of this season: more questions. His band of men stood on the sidelines as he knifed a still human man in the head with looks on their faces that clearly read some amount of conflict of interest.

This tea that Milton seems to be pushing on Andrea and Michonne and that The Governor drinks by the cup full – what is it? Some mad scientist’s experiment? Some form of mood stabilizer that creates a calm and easily manipulated culture? The Governor’s speech upon returning to Woodbury after taking out the military group is well worded to keep a healthy sense of fear among the citizens in the form of a giant lie that his men will back him on but seriously, who is this guy?

Michonne seems to be the only person not eating out of his palm. She sits on the sidelines in quiet anger watching and learning. Her emotional reaction to her the demise of her walker pets combined with Andrea’s outburst about not knowing a thing about her is making her distant. She clearly feels like a caged animal who will not submit, and more power to her.  In the meantime, Andrea and The Governor seem to have an almost sexual pull toward each other. Is he simply playing her? Clearly, he has a woman or can get them into his bed with relative ease.

In what can probably be the biggest question-building scene of the episode, the final scene with The Governor walking into a room that he keeps under lock opens another line of questions. What is he trying to do? Are any of those heads the family that he clearly pines after? And how are the heads in those tanks still alive if the brain stems has been severed?

Next week, we get to go back to the prison and check in with Rick, Lori and the gang. Will they have to vacate the prison before Lori has the baby? Are the other prisoners responsible for the break in? Does Merle go hunting for Daryl and lead The Governor to the prison to hunt down our little nuclear group? Join me next week when, I predict, we will get even more questions and even fewer answers.

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