THE WALKING DEAD: “When The Dead Come Knocking”

On this weeks installment of The Walking Dead, we are treated to an interrogation: zombie apocalypse style. Merle is clearly drunk with power as he interrogates Glenn, and poor Maggie bass to listen to it all through a wall of metal sheeting as she awaits her turn. As Merle demands to know where his brother is, Glenn breaks his nose with a head butt simply making him angrier. Clearly, Glenn is not willing to give up the location of their prison fortress.

When we left toff last week, Michonne and Rick stare at each other through the fence of the prison yard as walkers crowd in. Smelling the blood from her leaking bullet wound, the walkers attack and Michonne fights off a few before collapsing into a nightmare of the horde closing in on her. Carl and Rick open the gates and take out the horde, collecting the basket of formula Michonne had carted with her as well as her sword. Once inside the safety of the prison, Rick will not allow Michonne to be with the others on the cell block. Michonne, ever the fighter, states, “I didn’t as for your help” to which Rick replies, “doesn’t matter. I can’t let you leave.”

In the one heart-twisting moment of the episode, Darly takes Rick into the cell block to find a newly rescued Carol. Hershel and Amy enter with the new baby and Carol gets to ride the roller coaster of emotion that we as viewers got two weeks ago. Rick and Carl both have a moment of tear filled remembrance as Carol turns to Rick, telling him “I’m sorry,” even though she can’t even get the words out. In an attempt to get some information out of Michonne, Rick offers to patch her wound and send her in as he can tell he has a caged animal on his hands. She tells Rick about Merle shooting her and taking Glenn and Maggie, and when he asks about her about the formula she was carrying, he also asks her how she knew about the prison. Clearly, Rick is not the only one untrusting in this world as he has to practically pry every bit of information from her. Finally, he says, “you came here for a reason” and she drops the information about The Governor and Woodbury.

While Hershel patches up Michonne, Carl stands guard with an itchy trigger finger. While they may want to trust Michonne, they have been burned one too many times and ultimately, the group decides to band together to get Maggie and Glenn back from Woodbury. Outside as they load up the car, Rick and Carl have a moment to finally speak about Lori’s death and Rick shows Carl he has faith in him to do what is needed if he doesn’t return. While Daryl’s adorable nickname of “ass kicker” is amusing, they finally decide to name the baby Judith and as the group gets into the car, Hershel’s voice cracks as he says, “bring ’em back.” Losing anyone else just isn’t in the cards.

Over in Woodbury, Merle has beat Glenn to a pulp and continues to use his reverse psychology to get him to break. Glenn throws a stinger at him (“we’ve been in the road, not hiding in some dungeon”) and when Glenn mentions Andrea, Merle’s face changes. Finally, he has some small piece of information he can use. Meanwhile, across town, the Governor takes Andrea to see Mr. Coleman who, we find out, is Woodbury’s first volunteer patient in Milton’s trials. Apparently, he is trying to prove that once a person reanimates after death, there is still a trace of that person left behind. As Mr.Coleman passes, Andrea and Milton restrain him and wait.

In a sick and twisted form of interrogation scare tact, Merle brings a walker into the room where Glenn is duct taped to a chair and when the fear doesn’t work, Merle lets the walker loose, leaving Glenn must fend for himself. Thank God walkers can’t bite through duct tape. Glenn holds his own, finally busts out the chair he is restrained to, and takes out the walker with a sharp piece of wood to the eye. Gnarly. Merle, like a good servant, trots over to The Governor and tells him that Glenn and Maggie know Andrea. The Governor decided he is going to interrogate Maggie himself. He begins with cutting Maggie’s restraints and politely asking to sit down, but this doesn’t last long as he can clearly tell Maggie is not buying his brand of BS. He orders her to stand and remove her shirt and while that would have been enough, he pushes it further by making her remove her bra before standing and removing his belt. Even as he slams her headfirst into the table, she still will not relent, uttering the words, “you do what you’re gonna do and go to hell.”

Down the road, our band of interrupted heroes leave their car behind so as not to draw attention to themselves and Rick and Daryl have a little heart to heart. Rick thanks him for taking care of things while he “worked things out” but they soon get overrun by a horde and take end up taking refuge in a barn. Little do they know this barn is inhabited by a crazy old man who certainly doesn’t realize the world is ending. Rick tries to talk him down as he holds a shotgun aimed at them, but the man goes crazy and tries to open the door that is keeping to horde at bay. Michonne takes it into her own hands, killing him. The poor guys becomes walker food as the group throws him out the front door so they can escape out the back.

Over in Woodbury, Mr. Coleman reanimates and Milton gets no response to his questions. Thinking he sees hand movement that he does not, Milton attempts to loosen the restraints of one of Mr. Coleman’s hands, even with Andrea’s protests and warnings. Needless to say, the formerly Mr. Coleman lunges for Milton and Andrea knifes him in the skull. Milton slinks off like a sullen child to record his findings. Elsewhere, Merle and the Governor bring an unclothed Maggie to Glenn’s holding room. Maggie finally breaks when a gun is held to Glenn’s head and se tells them about the prison and how many of them there are. Maggie stand rigid as the Governor tries to comfort her in some twisted fatherly way, finally, he shoves her in Glenn’s direction and leaves them alone. In an interesting twist, the Governor questions Merle’s loyalties as we see our band of heroes staking of the walls of Woodbury. The final scene with Andrew returning to the Governor, begging the question: has Andrea turned to the dark side?

Join me next week for the mid-season finale, where Rick and the gang try to take Woodbury, and to see if Daryl and Rick’s difference of opinion gets the best of them.

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