ONCE UPON A TIME: “Into The Deep”

For most of Once Upon A Time’s second season, our main focus has been on finding a way to bring Emma and Snow home from fairytale world, and while the mother/daughter team acquired both help (Aurora, Mulan, David, a seemingly redeemed Regina) and enemies (Hook, Cora) along the way, things have been decidedly slow-going in the way of progress.

But the looming winter finale meant that the show needed to raise its stakes and up its game, and the show’s penultimate episode did so by putting most of its characters in interesting situations for next week. David is now under a sleeping spell, having volunteered to take Henry’s place in communicating with Snow through shared dreams. Cora is on a renewed (and seemingly more evil) quest to get to Storybrooke after Hook’s double-crossing led to her acquire Aurora’s heart. And Aurora (along with Emma, Snow and Mulan by default) is now unknowingly under the influence of Cora, as owning a heart gives one power to not only control its owner but also track and overhear.

Yet despite these jeopardizing situations, everyone thinks that they’re on the right track to finally getting things back to normal (or as normal as things can be in Storybrooke). Regina, Henry and Rumpelstiltskin don’t know that David can’t wake up due to the fact that his “fail safe” (Snow’s true love kiss) didn’t work with both being in a dream state. Aurora doesn’t know that Hook took her heart, or that Cora is now in possession of it, which means the rest of the group doesn’t know that every word is now a danger. It’ll be interesting to see how next week’s events unfold, given that Cora’s arrival may now be linked with the return of Emma and Snow. And when this inevitable crossing-over does occur, will Mulan and Aurora come with them to Storybrooke or will they choose to stay in fairytale land?

“Into The Deep“ gave us parallel storylines as both worlds dealt with figuring out a way to communicate with their respective missing family members. In a show that’s big on family ties and redemption, Once doled out these themes in a big way: focusing on the bond between the Charmings and the redemptive (or not so redemptive) journeys of Regina and Hook. From the beginning of the series, I was always partial to Regina’s mothering persona and believed that despite her evil, her love for Henry was a genuine feeling. It warmed my heart to see Regina genuinely trying to change after promising her son she wouldn’t use any more magic, and for what it’s worth, it looks like Regina’s actually keeping her promise – which is more than we can say for Hook. After slyly conning his way into letting us believe that he was changing for the better, the resident pirate showed his true colors by betraying his new-found companions by delivering Aurora’s heart to Cora. We saw Hook seemingly come to Aurora’s rescue after Cora captured her, letting her go with an explanation that included the fact that he was going to extract his vengeance on Cora denying him passage to Storybrooke by going against her wishes. But how did Hook acquire the dark magic that allowed him to take the heart in the first place? At this point, the only people that truly know magic that dark are Cora, Rumpelstiltskin and Regina, and we know Hook’s connection with at least two out of the three. Could Regina have taught him at one point? Did he come into connection with another powerful character that we have yet to meet? O’Donoghue is so commanding in the role that every moment his character is on screen, all I want to do is learn more about his past and luckily, I have a feeling that we’ll be doing just that when we return from our winter hiatus. But seriously, can we get the Killian Jones hour, please?

In an episode that dealt with linking characters, the conversation about Cora between Rumpelstiltskin and Regina seemed to indicate that there is indeed some murky past between the two adversaries. Rumpelstiltskin admits that it wasn’t the quill that the Charmings used to bind him to the cave and kept him immobile, it was the ink itself, the nature of which could only be found by mermaids or Rumpelstiltskin private stash. Obviously, there’s more to this story and if I didn’t know any better, I’d say we were on our way to meeting Ariel sooner than we think…especially given the way the creators have expressed interest in bringing the character into the Once world.

Final Thoughts:

  • I enjoyed the small reference to the fact that Snow White can communicate with animals by having her understand Cora’s raven.
  • Finally, some more girl-on-girl/mother-daughter action! I particularly enjoyed Snow and Emma working together in the wake of Cora’s zombie attack, and I love that we’re getting more action from Emma in the fairytale world as opposed to her simply sitting around getting told what to do from everyone else.
  • While captured, Cora taunted Aurora with the information that when a wraith takes a soul, it doesn’t die; it goes to another world – hence, there could be a way for Aurora to see her true love again. I have been convinced from the beginning of the season that even though Prince Phillip seemed to die rather quickly, he would return to the show in some capacity. Could Cora be telling the truth? My feeling is yes, but I’m not sure how much of this truth is actually valid.

What did you think of the episode? Sound off below!

One thought on “ONCE UPON A TIME: “Into The Deep”

  1. [“Could Regina have taught him at one point? Did he come into connection with another powerful character that we have yet to meet?”]

    It’s possible. A flashback in next week’s episode reveals that Hook and Regina did actually meet before the curse.

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