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PARKS AND RECREATION: Amy Poehler & Adam Scott on Leslie & Ben’s Big Day

Parks & Rec

If you were one of the many who couldn’t contain their excitement when Parks and Recreation’s Ben Wyatt got down on one knee and formally asked Leslie Knope to be his wife, well…just wait until tonight when the duo actually tie the knot.

“It’s kind of an interesting, big episode,” Adam Scott shared during a press call with co-star Amy Poehler and showrunner Mike Schur. Although the three were tight-lipped when it came to giving away information about the big day, Scott did drop a few sly tidbits. “Everybody [of the main cast] has a job to fill, and part of the fun of the episode is that the wedding was originally planned for May. They decided to do it that night. And what’s really nice is that basically within the opening moment – in classic Parks & Recreation fashion – to pull this off, everyone has to chip in. So there’s a part for everyone to play.”

While Schur acknowledged that Ben and Leslie’s relationship was always a part of the “big picture” where long-term commitment was concerned, the fact that the both actors worked so well together was an added bonus. “Our initial idea for Leslie was that she was going to have a series of different relationships over the course of the show and learn a little something from everyone,” he acknowledged. “But when you see two interacting with each other, sometimes it all just sort of makes sense.”

So besides a lot of breakfasts at JJ’s, how will married life change Pawnee’s “It” couple? According to Scott, it won’t. “From the very start, there’s more to it than a ‘will they, won’t they’ – and them being married right now fits in naturally with that.” Added Poehler, “what I love about Leslie is that you’ve gotten to see so much change happen with her and Ben over the past few years. It’s really satisfying. I love that Parks continues to let characters change and have things happen, kind of a ‘life goes on thing,’ like what happens in the real world.”

“Part of the joy of these two characters and their relationship is that they have very three-dimensional lives, and they’re both committed not only to their relationship but to their work and to their friends,” said Schur. “I don’t think anyone is going to be unsatisfied looking for a good wedding episode.”

And by good, we clearly mean emotional – so teases Poehler, who cautions that viewers should be ready to “bawl your eyes out!” Motion accepted, Ms. Knope.

A special hour-long Parks and Recreation airs tonight at 8:30 EST. To gear up for Pawnee’s event of the season, check out a special sneak peek!

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