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PSYCH: Season 7 Scoop From Maggie Lawson, Corbin Bernsen, Kirsten Nelson, James Roday & Tim Omundson

Psych - Season 7

When we sat down to talk with Psych stars Tim Omundson, James Roday, Kirsten Nelson, Corin Bernsen and Maggie Lawson on the set last May, it was clear that the cast was just as excited as we were to see the upcoming season – despite the dark nature of last year’s finale. “We’ve ended pretty darkly in the past,” said Omundson. “But I think our audience can certainly appreciate it when we can mix it up a little bit like that. And it’s not just always, you know, Pez dispensers and unicorns.”

“I think after six years, you’ve basically shown every pitch that you have in your arsenal and it’s fun to come up with something that the audience hasn’t seen yet,” added Roday. “You know, it’s still Psych. It’s always going to be Psych at the end of the day. But if we can make your heart beat a little bit faster every now and then, I think it’s probably healthy for everybody.”

Do Roday’s words mean that mean Henry is really dead? Despite our attempts to pry information from Bernsen himself, the actor remained tight-lipped. “There’s a lot of possibility…no one really knows, do they? You assume that I live – I mean, they’re not going to kill Henry, right? But have you explored the possibilities? Ghost. Flashbacks,” Bernsen teases. “You still don’t know, I think you think you know what’s going to happen but you don’t.”

As we approach the long-awaited premiere, what do we know? “We have a little single white female action later this season,” Lawson shared, while Omundson hinted that we might be seeing the next chapter of Lassiter’s domestic life. As for Shawn and Juliet, “they’re just going to keep feeling it out. You know what I mean,” Roday shared evasively. (Psych-O’s, take note: the second episode of the season, “Juliet Takes a Luvvah,” is sure to satisfy those who are looking for a cute moment or two.)

Earlier this season, we got a taste of what might happen should Shawn have his “psychic” abilities exposed. How do the developments of this season change that? “The big road block there is Shawn’s personal relationship with Juliet,” explained Roday. “As far as the police and everything else, you know, we’ve solved probably 160 murders; we’ve put many people behind bars. The fact that Shawn may not be psychic probably isn’t going to ruffle that many feathers at this point, but, you know, the fact that he’s been lying to the girl that he wants to make a life with is a different issue.” Kirsten Nelson felt similarly when asked about Chief Vick’s reaction.

“I kind of go with the plausible deniability angle with her – ‘don’t tell me, then I don’t have to know,’” said Nelson. “But I will not be surprised, and the Chief will not be surprised when it does come out. Having known him for so long, and then having this, I don’t think it’s going to come as a surprise. I might have to do damage control, in the sense of ‘what did I sign off on?’ But that’s just bureaucratic paperwork. In the end, I think it’s just another ‘okay, moving on.’”

With 100 episodes under their belt, it’s no surprise that some of the darker moments of the series remain the cast’s favorite. “I feel like the “Yin/Yang” trilogy pushed everybody into a deeper place,” said Lawson. “I think for me, when I think about that, when I think about those sort of turning points in the show and when things took that sort of heavier turn, those episodes come to mind. Because we all explored so much.” And according to Omundson, it’s those moments that have made Psych stand out for so many years.

“We’re procedural in a way, but most procedurals don’t have what we have, which is the relationships,” he said. “And to me that’s what I want to watch when I watch TV show. I want to watch how these characters bump into each other.”

The seventh season of Psych premieres tonight at 10/9c on USA. Are you excited to see the show return? What are you most looking forward to? Share your thoughts below! And don’t forget to keep checking back with Confessions Of A TV Geek for more coverage on the 100th episode, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and interviews with guest stars Christopher Lloyd, Leslie Ann Warren and Martin Mull.

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