RIZZOLI & ISLES: “In Over Your Head”


Rizzoli and Isles, at its core, has always been a family oriented show. From the beginning we have struggled, fought, loved and suffered with the Rizzoli clan and watched as Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander), somewhat against her will, was uncomfortably folded into the fray. This week’s episode centered primarily on reliving the pasts of our two beloved heroines.

The case became the secondary plot line almost immediately with the introduction of Lt. Detective Rafael Martinez (Amaury Nolasco), the new head of Crime. From the tension so thick it could be cut with a knife, it was clear that Det. Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) and Martinez have a sorted history. Martinez’s penchant for calling Frankie (Jordan Bridges) ‘other Rizzoli’ hints even further at the sins Jane may have committed in the past. Cops, like elephants, never forget.

To relieve the tension, as Jane and Maura arrive at the crime scene (Maura still complaining that she had to have her car cleaned due to Jane spilling her latte on the interior), Jane pulls a pair of Mortin Salt Girl yellow fisherman’s boots from her trunk and hands them to the high heel-clad medical examiner. Never one to be seen under dressed, Maura scoffs at the boots and promptly steps in a puddle of brown goo in her $550 stilettos.

On the beach below, there is a jurisdiction problem. The body is straddling the border between two counties locking the police into a pissing contest over who gets to solve the murder. Ultimately, in true Rizzoli style, Jane convinces Maura there is a horse shoe crab migration on the beach, and they snatch the body into CPD territory, rubbing some noses in the sand.

Back at headquarters, Jane is uncomfortable with Martinez being in her territory. When Maura asks Jane about their past, she refuses to discuss it with him in spitting distance. Maura isn’t blind or deaf and she can tell that whatever happened, it was ugly. After Franky vents some of his bruised anger at Jane, Maura gets word that her sister is waiting to see her. Still taken aback by the words ‘your sister’, Maura begs Jane to come along for moral support. As Kalyn tells Maura and Jane about her concerns for her mother, it’s clear that she has come to the only person (people) that she knows she can trust with this information. Under the guise of ‘taking her to lunch’, Jane lures Maura to the MEND clinic that Hope has set up so that the two can talk. What should be a heart to heart is a cold exchange between acquaintances.

Proving themselves to be one of the favorite ‘bros’ on TV, Frost and Korsak are on the phone as Jane spots some men tailing Maura. (Apparently Maura needs to take Jane shopping for some new lipstick seeing as she has had the same bacteria-ridden tube since 1997). Depositing Maura back at work, Jane takes a trip to see Paddy Doyle and fight for her friend’s right to be left out of Paddy’s sordid affairs. The realization that the Feds are after Maura lights a completely different fire under Jane, who wants nothing more than to keep the sins of Maura’s father away from his daughter.

Jane has bigger problems when she gets back to work, only to be confronted by a weepy, broken Franky. Whatever happened between Jane and Martinez has made Frankie’s life a living hell. Even Korsak tells her to clean up whatever happened with Martinez eight years ago. When the evidence comes back showing that Brenda (the murdered girl that took second fiddle the entire episode) was one of Martinez’s CI’s, Jane feels the rage of eight years of regret reignite. She storms into Martinez’s office and throws Brenda’s death on him. He tells he that they arrested a guy who they were talking into arranging a meet with a dealer and “one of his under covers.” Jane knows he means Frankie and lays one final blow demanding he not get her brother killed too.

Resigned and not ready to face her demons, Jane and Maura go out to dinner at the last place any form of dead cow could be gotten. Jane reveals that she and Martinez were partners trying to track down a drug dealer using a CI. The young girl named Yolanda was killed because she wasn’t ready, and they pushed her to go in and take out the dealer. Jane clearly has never forgiven Martinez, let alone herself. Only she can make this right and change the past.

Pulling a very good detective impression, Maura has been looking into the case files around Paddy Doyle for the last twenty years. The necklace that Kalyn gave her is the key to figuring out that MEND, the foundation that her mother started, was funded with Paddy Doyle’s dirty money. Jane brings Hope in for a little heart to heart, which results in a pivotal scene of the episode. Enraged, Hope demands to visit Paddy, bringing the family together in one room for the first time. Hope and Maura plead their case, asking Paddy to plead guilty to save them both. While he would kill for both of them, he will never plead guilty.

Ultimately, the brown goo Maura stepped in at the beach is what solved the case. It turns out to be transmission fluid from a leaking State Trooper vehicle. Leave it to good cops to snuff out bad ones. In the lobby, Korsak tells Martinez that they are going to arrest Brenda’s killer, causing Jane to offer an olive branch and ask him to come with them to arrest the dirt bag. With a little help from Frankie and his new ride, the trooper is taken into custody. A little friendly banter between old friends was a nice, light way to leave the episode, until next week when the Four Corners Gang is on a killing spree.

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