RIZZOLI & ISLES: “Killer In High Heels”

Rizzoli-and-Isles-1Rizzoli & Isles has always been billed as a drama, but what people who do not watch don’t know is that interwoven into the fabric of the drama are smile-worthy threads of wit – and the opening scene of this week’s episode were laden with it. From the man Maura (Sasha Alexander) wants to set Jane (Angie Harmon) up with being a colorectal surgeon (whom Jane calls a “butt doctor”) to Jane’s ending remark (“oh, I think you’ll get a ride home”) there was no skimping on the sarcastic wit that these two characters have become known for. Before we know it, Maura and the “butt doctor” Brad Adams (James Snyder) are sitting at the bar happily chatting with each other, finding the other fascinating. They share a bottle of Maura’s favorite wine before leaving the charity gala they are attending and he offers her the ride home that could change her life.

The next morning, Jane enters Maura’s house to find out that Maura made a rather late 5am entrance to her abode. Her unanswered cell phone ultimately reveals her passed out on the sofa and heavily hung over. But murder doesn’t stop even for a hang over, so the duo arrives at the crime scene with Maura still in last night’s dress. In a shocking twist, the dead body is the butt doctor from the night before whom she’d had such a lovely chat with. Maura doesn’t remember anything after leaving the gala, which suddenly rockets her into the prime suspect spot. While the detectives who think of her as part of their family try to stay detached, it is clear just how painful it is for Jane to see her friend in the position of needing a tox screen and rape kit performed. Perhaps more painful is her needing to question Dr. Isles herself. Ultimately, Maura reveals that she remembers getting in the victim’s car, placing herself at the crime scene and making the police’s job of vindicating their friend and colleague that much harder. Finding some nasty bruises and revealing Brad Adams’ identity as a bouncer and drug dealer, Jane has more than enough to do what she can to find the truth behind what appears to be.

With a group as tightly knit as the police and coroners office, it isn’t surprising that even mama Rizzoli (Lorraine Bracco) is worried about Maura. They all seem to know that she couldn’t have done it, but the evidence doesn’t lie. Susie (Tina Huang), Dr. Isles’ trusty lab tech, attempts to drown her worry in junk food and reveals how the man may have died. This sends mama Rizzoli on what some would call a fools mission to Lt. Cavanaugh with a video. Recently, she and Maura had been watching self defense tapes and had taped themselves practicing. This evidence only damns Maura further which creates a rift in the Rizzoli clan. It doesn’t help that Maura thinks that she is capable of such an act as crushing a man’s larynx. The evidence begins to pile up as the cops dig into Brad Adams and finally, they have no choice but it arrest their beloved Dr. Isles.

An orange jumpsuit certainly was never in Maura’s fashion-forward closet before now, and I have to say, it isn’t a pretty look. Quite quickly, a nice black eye is added to the wonderful orange glow and we come to find out that papa Paddy Doyle has eyes on the inside keeping watch on his little girl. While that may sound nice, Jane tells her that is not a good thing. As the inmate who gave Maura her shiner is drawn away, she remembers being blown a kiss by the butt doctor and a white powder. She recognizes it as Scapolomine, better known as the “zombie drug,” which renders its victim susceptible to suggestion and usually makes them not remember what they have done. Apparently, $9500 was all it took for Brad Adams to assume an identity as a colorectal surgeon and pick Maura up at a charity gala, but why? What did the $9500 owner want? Apparently, access to the morgue.

As Korsak (Bruce McGill) pulls a print from the keypad that leads to the bone room, Jane and Susie are on a video chat with Maura (thanks to Mary Pat, the guard whom Paddy has in his pocket), trying to figure out just why Brad would have been after the bones from Stone Haven Mall. Finally, they figure out that a model with ties to Brad is the owner of the bones. Among the bones, they find a fetal clavicle indicating that she was pregnant and giving them a motive. But who is the killer? DNA from the clavicle indicates Brad is not the father which sends Jane to the morgue in search of answers. With Susie’s help, they figure out that the model and Brad were killed in a similar fashion, but that the brushing on Brad’s neck could not be from an elbow.

It turns out that Tucker, the man who introduced Maura to Brad at the gala earlier in the episode, is our killer. Leave it to the pro golfer with a gnarly, wannabe-brass knuckles key chain to think he can get away with putting a medical examiner behind bars. Try again another day, because this duo doesn’t lay down and play dead when their friends are in trouble. Maura is welcomed back by the entire homicide division, making a joke about her orange jumpsuit and more than ready to get back to her work. I, for one, love that we always get a happy ending at the end of every episode of this show. Perhaps that is what keeps us all coming back.

Join me next week as Paddy Doyle finally has to face the music and, naturally, Maura is caught in the middle of a blood feud. Who may end up dead? Tune in to find out!

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