RIZZOLI & ISLES: “Dance With The Devil”


If you have watched Rizzoli & Isles from the beginning, the name “Paddy Doyle” is pretty close to a four-letter word. In this week’s episode, the penultimate trial is about to take place. As Detective Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) prepares to go to court to testify against her best friend’s father, news of a fellow police officer being killed not long after his retirement is spreading through the precinct followed by a collection box. With scant hours to go, Jane is called into her Lieutenant’s office to discuss the case while cross town, her best friend is playing hooky.

When Dr. Maura Isle (Sasha Alexander) answers her door, the last person she expects to see is her biological mother Dr. Hope Martin (Sharon Lawrence). Bringing the gift of coffee, Hope seems to simply want to chit chat about anything from coffee to her past so long as the past does not include Paddy Doyle (John Doman) or any money he may have given her. For a moment, after Maura is burned by her coffee maker, Hope dons her mom mask. With the way these two rattle off medical jargon and statistics about coffee makers, it is hard to believe that they only share genetics.

As the case progresses, we quickly learn that the mother and child we see die in the beginning of the episode were Lt. Cavanaugh’s wife and child. We also come to find out that Paddy Doyle was once an informant for the police. While he may have had one redeeming moment, that does not erase all the bad that he has done. As Jane testifies on the stand, the prosecution’s last remaining witness is killed on his way to testify himself. While they know there is no coincidence, there is no evidence to prove it. The judge grants a 48 hours recess and grants Paddy bail as well.

Like any good detective, Jane, Korsak and Frost begin to dig into the past to find new evidence and a potential new witness to testify against Paddy. What they find is Calvin Ghats, the detective that was shot only a few months after he began his retirement. Apparently, Paddy had paid Cal to plant the bomb that murdered Cavanaugh’s wife and son. Behind their Lieutenant’s back, the detectives quietly seize Cal’s car to look for evidence that they know was left behind.

As Jane and Maura take a breather to get something to eat (Frost asking Maura to make sure Jane eats, since she forgets sometimes), they walk in on Paddy with his merry band of men having a good old time. Jane tries to get Maura to leave, but Paddy sees her. Words are exchanged and Maura storms out to do the one thing she can control: clean. Never one for physical comfort, Jane and Hope leave Maura to her closet until she finally emerges, exhausted. The mother in Hope wants to help her daughter even if there is no way to make it better, which results in a sort of Maura sandwich with Hope and Jane finally being allowed to hug her.

In an interesting twist, Cavanaugh finds out about Calvin Ghats’ hand in his wife and son’s deaths (and Paddy by association). Fueled by 20+ years of rage, Cavanaugh shows up to the restaurant Paddy has chosen to occupy on his few nights out of the clink and gets a few punches in before he gets the snot beat out of him by Paddy’s men. Jane, Frost and Korsak break up the fight and haul Cavanaugh off before he can pull his gun and end Paddy once and for all. In a moment of quick thinking, Maura drugs Cavanaugh in order to keep him from making one of the biggest mistakes of his career.

Leaving Cavanaugh in Hope’s safe hands, our intrepid team begins to go over Calvin Ghats’ car with a fine toothed comb. Low and behold, inside the muffler is the evidence that will link Paddy Doyle to the murder of Cavanaugh’s family (which would also carry an arson charge). Finding photos of Paddy with bandaged burns sends Maura into an emotional confrontation with Hope. Sasha Alexander’s brilliant performance shows us just how deeply hurt Maura is by the fact that Hope could patch Paddy up after he had just murdered a police officer’s family. It seems with every inch these two seem to gain in their relationship, they lose a mile. Maura demands that Hope testify against Paddy and do what is right.

As the trial resumes, the detectives soon realize that their Lieutenant, having recovered from his dose of sedative, has taken it upon himself to save everyone the anguish of a trial. With his gun to Paddy’s throat, Jane and Maura make both men see that they have made a grave mistake. If Maura’s earlier words declaring her wish for Jane to have killed him didn’t hit Paddy where it hurt, the knowledge that Hope would testify completely destroyed him. As Cavanaugh sees this, he realizes that a life behind bars and knowing that the woman he loves put him there would be a better brand of hell for Paddy Doyle, and he lowers his weapon. As Paddy is marched back to the court room, he and Hope are unable to make eye contact. While Paddy may be gutted, Maura can finally feel pride in her mother and perhaps one day all of the hurt will be forgotten. For now, an evil man has been brought to justice.

Tune in next week as we find out if aliens have finally landed or if the old man is just crazy.

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