Comic Con 2013

NIKITA: Maggie Q Video Interview

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Last season, we watched as Division was destroyed and our heroine made the choice to go into hiding – alone.

“She’s losing everything she’s built until now, and that’s why that last scene of season three was so important. She would never choose to leave if she didn’t have to,” leading lady Maggie Q says. “With her, she’s never put herself above anyone, and for me, when Amanda put her in this position, there was really no choice. Three episodes out to the finale, if it was headed in this direction, there was no way she could be around the people she cares about so much and put them in danger. There was really no choice in the matter for her.”

Despite the fact that Nikita will most likely have to deal with the reactions of her friends as they cope with her sudden disappearance, Q defends her character’s decision – and is quick to point out that everything Nikita is doing is for love, particularly where her relationship with Michael is concerned.

“What was cool was that we saw her suffer for the past two episodes, and we saw her go into a situation where she would’ve given her life for him. And because you know that the love was that intense, when it comes to him or anyone she loves, the story tells itself. If Nikita stayed, and the whole world’s hunting me, and six of you are going to be in the line of fire, it really wouldn’t have been Nikita.”

Watch the quick video below to hear about Maggie Q’s feelings on the final season and more!

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