RIZZOLI & ISLES: “All For One”


Rizzoli & Isles has always been a show primarily about relationships – be they romantic, friendly, family or otherwise. This weeks episode, “All For One,” had me wanting to add the “and one for all” on at the end. As all episodes do, this one begins with the murder, but is quickly followed by an almost comical conversation between our two heroines Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander) and Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) over Jane’s sprained ankle. During the filming of this episode, actress Angie Harmon had a busted ankle, which proved quite the challenge for the writing staff and crew. This explains why for the entirety of the episode, Jane had her foot elevated, iced, or was sent home/to headquarters/etc. Jane proves to be a tough patient, refusing the ER and a doctor and having to be threatened in order to even consent to an x-ray.

As the episode progresses, we get another glimpse of Mr. Elusive: Lt. Col. Casey Jones (Chris Vance). Jane now refers to him as her “long-distance lover.” Their conversation together in the break room of the precinct via video chat is sweet and makes your heart twist for Jane. All we ever really want as a viewer is to see our favorite characters happy. What puts more of a smile on Jane’s face (aside from her nephew) than Casey? Certainly not Lt. Martinez (Amaury Nolasco). Maura pegs him so perfectly when she says that he took Jane’s car as an adult form of school boyish pranking. It appears that Det. Jane Rizzoli is quite the catch to the fellas.

Underneath the chemistry and comedy lies the case involving the true biological form of chemistry. Our high school teacher who was run down in the parking lot in the opening scene of the episode turns out to be a chemistry teacher. He takes young bright girls under his wing and helps them flourish. If that didn’t smell fishy from the beginning, I need a new nose. Quite quickly, they come across an email sent by a student offering sex for a better grade. This particular student is found in a coma having tried to commit suicide. While this looks like a bribe gone wrong, Mr. Sutton (as our deceased teacher was once known) had a lot of parent complaints from male students. Interesting.

When they finally get down to it, they find that Mr. Sutton would take all cell phones during the drivers ed course he taught and thereby sent the email of the girl with the picture attached from her phone. Her friends, knowing what Mr. Sutton was, all tell the police the exact same story about trying to tape him and then hitting him with the car. Without one sole suspect (the driver) there is no case, and all three girls cannot be tried. For once, the case is left unsolved, but justice still was served depending on how you look at things.

The four girls show a true kind of life-long friendship that is so rarely seen on TV or in real life. As Jane and Maura watch the three friends beg their ill friend to wake up from her coma, it is easily read on their faces that they would do the same for each other. While Jane jokes that she might not die for Maura (and, honestly, could Maura kill for Jane?), the moment is sweet and reminds us to be grateful for the friends that we have (the family we get to choose) because who knows when we might need them.

Next week: murder at a hockey game and a killer on the run? Sounds like a job for Rizzoli & Isles!

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