RIZZOLI & ISLES: “Built For Speed”


As fans recover from the shocking news of Lee Thompson Young’s passing, this week’s episode of Rizzoli & Isles was just what we needed: entertainment and laughter. While the episode opened with a death by explosion, the rest of the episode brought whittle banter, girly moments and some lovely eye candy.

Right off the bat, our heroines are at it with the witty banter. From Maura Isles’s (Sasha Alexander) quip about Jane drinking too much coffee to Jane Rizzoli’s (Angie Harmon) threat to never call her baby, the entertainment factor was high. Apparently, Det. Martinez (Amaury Nolasco) is still hanging on to the torch that he carried for Jane during their years working together. While he may think he is sexy, Jane is far from smitten.

Speaking of eye candy, the bomb squad sure knows how to hire. As Maura and Jane investigate the scene of the explosion, Mr. Brandon Thomas, good looking bomb tech shows up and catches Mara’s eye. Hopefully this one will not be a serial killer. When “BT,” as he likes to be called, suggests that they examine the car in Maura’s lab, it is obvious what he wanted to be “in close proximity” to. Even catching Maura with the dead guy’s finger tips on her own fingers did nothing but intrigue this guy. I say keep him.

To add insult to injury, once video of the explosion is recovered, Jane spots Martinez at the race where the guy died. Instead of going to him, she, Frost and Korsak go to Cavanaugh. He tells them to go to the source which doesn’t happen until an interesting stand off in a warehouse. It all makes sense once we find out that the guy running the races is also running drugs. Jane shows us what true team work is when she tells Martinez all he had to do was share his info, and then demands that they go get this guy. Perhaps it is that quality which keeps Martinez interested.

We all should have seen the true killer coming. While all of these races and drug trafficking is going on, there was one person no one would suspect: the parole officer. While she looks lovely and tanned from her “Mediterranean cruise,” Jane is through being deceived. Of all people, for someone on their side of the fence to be part of this is disgusting. For now, justice is served and Jane and Maura can concentrate on more attractive things.

Join me next week for one of only two remaining episodes as we try to figure out why a judge was given a lethal injection.

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