RIZZOLI & ISLES: “Partners In Crime”


As this season of Rizzoli & Isles draws to a close, we wish it a fond farewell until this winter when it returns to our TV screens. This season has brought a lot of heart ache, a pile of snarky quotes and a TV family that is made up of some easy-to-identify-with misfits whom we all love. This week’s episode entitled “Partners In Crime” meant that literally.

This week’s murder got its idea from the rather famous novel Strangers On A Train by Patricia Highsmith. Two people meet and agree to take care of the others “problem” for them, thereby creating alibis for each of them. While it took the BPD the better part of an hour to figure this out, I was crying “partners” early on. This either means that the procedural drama is becoming predictable or that I simply watch too much of it.

Outside of the case, family drama resurfaces for our heroines. Leave it to Paddy Doyle to ask his daughter, Dr. Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander) to care for his aging mobster father whom she has never met. Maura takes being a good person to new levels when she brings the absolutely disgruntled old man to her home to do just what daddy asked. Maura’s partner in crime (and murder) Det. Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) wants to dump the crabby old man back in his cell where she thinks he belongs. Thankfully, Lt. Col. Casey Jones (Chris Vance) surprises her a few days early and agrees to help the old man make a new furry friend.

Casey’s return brings up another group of questions and unsure feelings for Jane. While Jane is happy to have him back, she cares about her job so much that she forgoes a day off with him to go solve a murder. Maura accuses her of liking her job more than him which makes her take pause. A few scenes later, the couple meets for dinner and Casey drops a bomb shell. He has a choice to make: stay or leave the military. We could almost hear the “will you or won’t you marry me” hidden beneath that sentence.

Ultimately, the murder was conspired at the nearby dog park so as not to leave a paper trail. With the help of the now Col. Casey Jones, Korsak and Jane are able to get the confession on tape and book the husband and sister for murder. Across town, Maura and grandpa Patrick Doyle Sr. are about to bid each other good bye. He has done nothing but grouse at her and yet she finally tells him how it is. She will visit him whether he wants her to or not because it is the right thing to do. You go girl.

Our parting words are one that will have all hardcore fans of this show twisting until November. Jane tells Maura that Casey will go back to Afghanistan…that is, unless she agrees to marry him. With that teaser to hold us over for two rather short months, one is left to wonder what will become of Frost. The passing of Lee Thomas Young is still fresh in our minds and whether we want to voice it or not we are curious. He will always hold a special place in our hearts and I am sure that they will bid goodbye in an appropriate and beautiful way come November. For now…will Jane say yes? Tune in this winter to find out!

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