Comic Con 2013

REVOLUTION: Eric Kripke Video Interview


Revolution had numerous ups and downs throughout the course of its first season – and no one is more aware of that fact than Eric Kripke. At Comic Con, we sat down to talk to the creator and executive producer about what to expect for season two and, perhaps not surprisingly, Kripke was both candid and honest in sharing his feelings about Revolution‘s post apocalyptic world.

“I think we had a roller coaster of a season one that was a real roller coaster for me emotionally,” he admitted to reporters. “We have a much more interesting, complicated, not indecipherable…but the unfolding twisty mystery that we know we can sustain for the season. So we’re not gonna rush, we’re not gonna bump, we can maintain it at a nice pace – but we can go back to the basics of what makes it good.”

For more about Kripke’s thoughts on the first season as well as hints for where season two will go (and what new characters we can expect to see) watch the full interview below.

The second season of Revolution premieres Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 8pm on NBC.

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