HAVEN: “Bad Blood”

Haven - Season 4

As I mentioned last week, one of Haven‘s greatest strengths is the depth of talent in its cast. In this week’s episode, “Bad Blood,” it starts off with Dwight (Adam Copeland) asking the town historians, brothers Vince (Richard Donat) and Dave (John Dunsworth), to follow up on a lead in New Hampshire that could be Audrey’s (Emily Rose) dead body. This side plot threads its way throughout the episode allowing Vince to explore his history with Audrey. When confronted with the thought of Audrey actually being dead, he is able to understand Nathan’s desperation last season over losing her to the barn.

While Dave helps his brother confront his fears, Dwight utilizes Nathan’s (Lucas Bryant) extensive abilities as a detective and Trouble whisperer to investigate the town’s latest curse, exsanguination. While looking into the mysterious, seemingly vampiric deaths, we see Nathan deal with his status as Haven’s Most Hated. With every episode it’s becoming more and more clear that no one in the town hates Nathan as much as he hates himself. He may have shaved the grief beard in the first episode, but Bryant is able to very subtlety layer his performance of a man consumed by his self-hatred, yet motivated by his desire to help the people he has hurt beyond his ability to save. This suffering is reflected in his apparent apathy to the thought of Audrey killing him, reacting to Dwight’s question of how he will convince her to do it by simply saying, “I’ll ask her to.” But we’ve learned in the last three plus seasons in Haven, nothing is simple, especially when it comes to Audrey.

The complexities surrounding Audrey’s status as bartender Lexie Dewitt continued with William (Colin Ferguson) guiding her to the conclusion that nothing she is experiencing is real. After debating the point for the majority of the episode, we glimpse the Audrey Parker we love when Lexie finally accepts the hard truths confronting her and is able to dissolve the patrons in the bar, but not before a few heartening shots of “damn fine tequila.” Once Lexie accepts the truth about the bar, William reveals “the bar” is actually “The Barn” that we saw imploded in the finale of last season. The logic in this happening is of course that time within the barn doesn’t operate in the same way as it does in reality so what seems like days or even weeks to Lexie is a matter of moments.

All of these moments are the soundtrack in Jennifer’s (Emma Lahana) head this week now that she is completely off of her anti-psychotic medication. While Lexie confronts her fears of everything around her not being real, Jennifer fears she isn’t Trouble and is “actually crazy.” Thankfully Duke (Eric Balfour) is there to listen and understand Jennifer’s fear and eventually confides in her his own fear of his Trouble, the ability to destroy the cursed blood of the Troubled. He explains after using it to save Nathan from a homicidal, sentient puddle of blood that the truth is his Trouble doesn’t cause him pain, it is immensely pleasurable and he fears what this pleasure caused his family to become. One of the best moments of the episode came when, after initially being scared of Duke’s Trouble, Jennifer moves to help Duke when she believes he could be dying despite any risk to herself. It’s pretty clear that the foundations of a strong relationship between Jennifer and Duke are being laid and it is refreshing to see Duke be able to freely care for someone in Haven.

The final scenes of “Bad Blood” have Jennifer revealing to Duke and Nathan that Audrey is very much alive and apparently still in the barn, leaving us to wonder how exactly she will escape and what will happen when she arrives back in Haven. Will she remember Audrey Parker or will she escape as Lexie Dewitt? The answer could derail Nathan’s plans to be martyred for the sake of ending the Troubles at Audrey’s hand.

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