HAVEN: “Lost And Found”

Haven - Season 4

Audrey is back! Or is she? This week’s Haven had a very serious ticking time limit on Audrey’s escape from the Barn. Without locating the door to exit the Barn, Audrey (Emily Rose) would die along with the “portal between worlds” as the ever-mysterious William (Colin Ferguson) called it. Jennifer (Emma Lahana) was able to tune in to the conversation between Audrey and William with the help of Duke (Eric Balfour) and some very creative relaxation techniques, and learned that in addition to Audrey locating the door inside the Barn, her friends outside of the Barn needed to open a secondary door back into our world. 

This complicated mythology played out while Nathan and Dwight searched Haven for missing children. Creepy children are terrifying, whether they are Changelings, or in this episode’s case, Douen, who entice children into the wilderness and happen to have clawed feet, hands and terrifyingly sharp teeth. Arguably one of the more terrifying Troubles Haven has cooked up brought Nathan into a confrontation with Jordan (Kate Kelton), which shed some light on his personal struggles with the devastation the Troubles have continued to bring to Haven. He is all too aware of the cost shooting Agent Howard last season has wrought. Seventeen people have died since he made that decision, leaving Nathan with an almost desperate need to correct his mistake and rescue Audrey from the Barn. After putting the pieces of the latest Trouble together, Nathan is able to use this sense of responsibility he is weighed down by to reach the afflicted and save the missing children from the Douen Trouble. (Did I mention creepy children terrify me?) 

After the children are saved, Nathan meets Duke and Jennifer at the second door that must be opened to release Audrey from the Barn. According to William, before she can return to Haven, she must make a “leap of faith” that her friends who are looking for her, will open the second door and allow her to exit. While Audrey is struggling with this decision, Jordan and the Guard appear to ensure Nathan follows through with his promise to make Audrey kill him when she returns. With Nathan calling to her across a green wasteland, Audrey, still believing she’s Lexie, asks William who she will be when she returns to Haven. He replies cryptically that she will be whoever she most wants to be. With that and a mildly sinister comment from him about being sure they will meet again, Audrey jumps from the Barn back into our world, leveling all who are in the meadow awaiting her return. Nathan is the first to regain consciousness and immediately rushes to Audrey’s side. 

Before she can even recover from the initial trauma of her return, Nathan is taking a gun from Jordan and putting it in Audrey’s hand, holding it against his chest. While her face clearly reflects confusion, its pretty clear Audrey doesn’t mind the kiss Nathan gives her before telling her to end the Troubles the way Agent Howard told her she could – by killing the man she loved most. Except it’s at this point we discover Audrey may not be back at all, and Lexie could be the latest version of Audrey to grace Haven’s streets. She has no idea who Nathan is and can’t kill a man she just met. (Especially after such a fantastic kiss.)

While all of the revelations this week progressed Haven‘s mythology as well as the plot for this season, I remain skeptical that Audrey would most want to be Lexie when she returned to Haven. There were certain moments from Emily Rose that read true to the Audrey we all know and love, and I’m hoping that means once the Barn dust settles, we will discover that perhaps Audrey will return to us sooner rather than later in the season. 

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