HAVEN: “The New Girl”


Haven is smart television and this week’s episode, “The New Girl,” written by Brian Millikin, neatly demonstrates that fact for the uninitiated. With the return of Audrey in the final moments of last week’s episode and the revelation that she believes she is still bartender Lexie Dewitt, “The New Girl” picks up immediately with Jordan’s (Kate Kelton) extremely unhappy reaction of trying to shoot Nathan at Lexie’s refusal to kill Nathan (Lucas Bryant), and end the Troubles just like everyone has been planning for the last four episodes. Some quick thinking from essentially the best friend you could ever ask for, and Duke (Eric Balfour) saves Nathan from immediate death, leaving Jennifer (Emma Lahana) to explain to Lexie that she’s in Maine and she’ll “get used it” i.e. gun shots and chasing men asking to die through the woods.

Nathan is stopped by more of the Guard and before Jordan can finish her plans to kill him, Lexie steps in with the gun Nathan gave her and demands some answers before anyone blows away “Cheekbones” aka Nathan. Duke offers another solution to save Nathan by suggesting to Vince, leader of the Guard, that Lexie just needs to fall in love with Nathan like Audrey and her previous incarnation from the 1950s, Sarah, did. With this stay of execution for Nathan, we see our first sustained interaction between Lexie and Nathan and it’s clear that as brilliant as this season has been, the dynamic between Emily Rose and Lucas Bryant is one of its greatest assets. Even though she apparently has no memory of Audrey, their banter is dynamic and wonderful to watch.

Duke takes point as primary matchmaker between Lexie and Nathan, despite Nathan’s protests of being “in love with Audrey,” when Duke tells him its the same plan, just a different girl. Even though Nathan objects, Duke seems to have no issue with manipulating Lexie into falling for Nathan until he speaks with Jennifer and explains that he never thought Vince would agree to the plan. He’s just trying to save Nathan and keep Audrey safe, and keep Jennifer away from the Trouble that surrounds mysterious suicides.

This week was essentially an opportunity for Emily Rose to deliver some of the best comedy of the entire series by experiencing her first day in Haven as Lexie, making observations about Audrey’s “fifty shades of beige” wardrobe and begging the question of why anyone would still live in Haven while Nathan attempts to woo her with pointers from Duke. Dwight (Adam Copeland) takes an opportunity to explain to Jordan that the only permanent solution to ending the Troubles is for Audrey to kill the man she loves, and their best bet is for Nathan to get Lexie to fall in love with him. Unfortunately, Lexie is not on board with falling for a man who is very much still in love with an entirely different woman – especially when Nathan tells her as much while being locked in a freezer together by a possessed Duke.

Later, Lexie asks Nathan about his relationship with Audrey, asking if the two “were knocking boots” and Nathan tells her that its complicated – and in this case, it’s most definitely not a line. She leaves him and goes back to the Gull to move back into Audrey’s apartment. Duke asks Lexie about how she knew to let his possessor kill himself while he was in Duke’s body, which actually ended the Trouble and saved Duke. She attempts to lie and tell him she had no idea, but Duke isn’t swayed and points out that the only person who could have known all of that is Audrey Parker and we get the best payoff of the episode: Audrey is back. Like William said, she came back as who she most wanted to be, but in order to save Nathan she has to pretend to be Lexie and continue to refuse to fall in love with him. Haven is smart television that depends on its strong cast to communicate complicated plot developments with subtlety, and “The New Girl” is a perfect example of all the best things this show has to offer.

Favorite Audrey pretending to be Lexie lines of the episode:

  1. “I was just looking for the bathroom.”
  2. “Detective Wer-nose?”
  3. “I just had a boyfriend who was really into bondage.”
  4. “Yeah he’s been possessed. I’m getting used to it.”
  5. “Alright, got it Dudley Do-Right.”

One thought on “HAVEN: “The New Girl”

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