HAVEN: “Lay Me Down”


In this week’s episode, “Lay Me Down,” Nora and Lilla Zuckerman deliver yet another game changing episode that delivers on all fronts, picking up essentially where last week left off with Duke (Eric Balfour) searching for Wade (Dexter‘s Christian Camargo) to deal with the fallout of Wade stabbing a Troubled man and activating his own curse. Considering Duke promised Audrey (Emily Rose) and Nathan (Lucas Bryant) he would handle Wade’s Trouble there is urgency in Duke’s behavior throughout the entire episode that we are not used to seeing from him. Balfour brings a subtle desperation on Duke’s part to save Wade from the Crocker curse that mirrors Duke’s desperation when faced with the consequences of what it means to have the power to end a Trouble through killing.

While Duke confronts Wade and his family’s demons, Jennifer (Emma Lahana) continues to be a bright spot in the dark world of Haven‘s underground. This week she pursues employment at the Haven Herald and in doing so reveals even more interesting plot twists for a town that really shouldn’t surprise you anymore but manages to every episode. Vince and Dave do some digging and discover Jennifer’s adoption was arranged by none other than the mysterious Agent Howard. What this means for the town of Haven and Jennifer’s role in it remains to be seen but one can’t help but wonder exactly where Jennifer came from before she was adopted into a relatively mundane life in Boston, MA.

The progression of Haven‘s mythos was also expanded with the episode’s Trouble of the week, Carrie Benson, portrayed by the always wonderful Kandyse McClure of Syfy’s Battlestar Galactica. The Trouble afflicting Haven surrounds a woman whose dreams can kill and for some inexplicable reason has mutated to include the entire town. With Audrey and Nathan rushing to stop people from dying from their most gruesome nightmare, Duke realizes Wade is hiding something much more sinister than a newfound addiction to Troubled blood and has become a full-blown serial killer. In a desperate attempt to stop more murders, Duke locks Wade in the bathroom of his boat only to have Jennifer unknowingly release him and nearly become Wade’s next victim.

The confrontation between Duke and Wade is so delicately balances Duke’s fear of their family curse with Wade’s inability to control it. Confronted with the choice between stopping Wade or allowing him to kill Jennifer, Duke makes a stand and in doing so, Wade dies. Wade knows he will never be able to stop himself and chooses to throw himself on the knife Duke is holding, which kills himself and also the Crocker family curse. Duke is left to deal with the aftermath of no longer being Troubled along with Wade’s death. As the only witness to the violence, Jennifer swears to keep Duke’s secret from everyone while trying to help Duke deal with his guilt.

After saving the town from a nightmare of a Trouble, it comes to light that Carrie’s muggers were the cause of her Trouble’s mutation in more ways than one. It would appear the heavies from the Barn have followed Lexie to Haven and are mutating the Troubles into even more destructive curses. This revelation is the cause for an emotional showdown between Audrey and Nathan in Audrey’s apartment, that has been brewing for over a season. Nathan again attempts to convince Audrey to kill him and end the Troubles, which Audrey rejects for the very reason that it’s even an option: she loves him. And Audrey points out that she is not merely one person as Nathan is intimately familiar with considering he and Audrey’s 1950s incarnation, Sarah Vernon had a child together last season. When Nathan demands to know “what we are”, Audrey tells him too much has happened. They can’t be just Audrey and Nathan anymore and Nathan walks out, leaving the fans to brace themselves for yet another missed opportunity for these two, the Zuckerman’s instead deliver an incredibly emotionally satisfying scene where Nathan tells Audrey he doesn’t care who or what she is. He loves her. And then they have pancakes. (Which is sex for anyone who doesn’t get the reference.)

One thought on “HAVEN: “Lay Me Down”

  1. It was a nice episode and much more satisfying at the end to finally have Nathan ready to declare his love. I think the series can now take a step forward and I’m looking forward to see what direction we’re headed.

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